Oliver Mayer’s THE HURT BUSINESS! A New Spring 2008 Title From Hyperbole Books and SDSU Press

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Hyperbole Books is thrilled to announce the immanent release of The Hurt Business: Oliver Mayer’s Early Works [+] PLUS in April 2008. More information on the book is here. For the proof of the new title’s wraparound cover click here. Or, better, buy it now off Amazon.com.

On the right, L.A. playwright Oliver Mayer with his wife, the actress Marlene Forte.


From the Back Catalogue!

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Adapting Activities for Therapeutic Recreation Service: Concepts and Applications by Jesse Thomas Dixon
ISBN: 0-916304-48-5
Paper / Pages: 100 / $14.50

This book responds to a growing demand for practical devices which will enable disabled persons to participate in a full range of individual recreational services.

The Afterlife of Plays
by Jonathan Miller
ISBN: 1-879691-12-4
Cloth / Pages: 64 / $12.50

The author’s Distinguished Graduate Research Lecture addresses the implications of repeated live performances for establishing a play’s definitive text. Physician, author, stage producer, and director, Miller has produced twelve plays in the acclaimed B
BC Shakespeare Series, directed six of them, and has directed at least a dozen opera productions for the English National and Frankfurt Opera Companies.

Beyond the Graying of America: Who Cares?

by E. Percil Stanford
ISBN: 1-879691-11-6
Cloth / Pages: 64 / $10.00 Illustrated
This title presents the author’s University Research Lecture and a colloquium on the subject of social and cultural attitudes towards aging.

British Activities in California and the Pacific Coast of North America to 1860: An Archival Calendar Guide

by Abraham Nasatir and Gary Monell
ISBN: 0-916304-85-X
Cloth / Pages: 1224 / $175.00 (oversize shipping)
This title provides the raw materials to put the story of English activities in California and the west coast of North America in a historical perspective. Letters are calendared in summary, precise, and verbatim form, with major topics highlighted.

Chant the Names of God: Music and Culture in Bhojpuri-Speaking India
by Edward O. Henry
ISBN: 0-916304-79-5
Paper / Pages: 322 / $19.75
In describing the main occasions of which music enhances cultural events such as weddings, births, and mother goddess worship, Chant the Names of God shows how music responds to its social and cultural contexts.

Coroebus Triumphs: The Alliance of Sport and the Arts

edited by Susan Bandy
ISBN: 0-916304-76-0
Paper / Pages: 304 / $18.75
During the summer of 1984, a collection of scholars, athletes, and artists convened in Coroebus’s honor to celebrate the alliance of sport and the arts with the formation of the Sport Literature Association.

Four Trips to Antiquity: Adventures of an Artist in Maya Ruined Cities
by Everett Gee Jackson
ISBN: 1-879691-03-5 (limited, signed) (S) / Pages: 186 / $100.00
ISBN: 1-879691-04-3 / Cloth / $22.95 Illustrated
Four Trips to Antiquity narrates an artist’s search through Central America for the space form which inheres in ancient Maya sculpture.

Goat Tails and Doodlebugs: A Journey toward Art
by Everett Gee Jackson
ISBN: 1-879691-18-3, cloth ($22.95)
ISBN: 1-879691-19-1 is limited edition, signed) $100.00
In his fourth book, Everett Gee Jackson recounts tales from his earliest memories through his youth and college years which reveal the gentle nudges that life gave him on the journey to his career as an artist and, especially, as a painter of the Mexican and Central American scene. Jackson was one of several distinguished American artists who worked in Mexico during the 1920s and 1930s. He was, for many years, chair of the Art Department at San Diego State University, and he founded the Latin American Committee of the San Diego Museum of Art.

Note: There is a special price for the order of both Jackson books, $38.00–illustrated with Jackson drawings in black and white, plus four color plates of his paintings.

Genetic Chemistry and the Future of Medicine
by Arthur Kornberg
ISBN: 0-916304-80-9
Paper / Paper: 54 / $9.50
This title presents Nobel Laureate Arthur Kornberg‘s formal San Diego State University Distinguished Graduate Research Lecture. It is followed by excerpts from a colloquium discussion and by a short bibliography.

In the Shadow of Man
by Jane Goodall
Paper / Pages: 72 / $12.50
San Diego State University’s Fourth Distinguished Graduate Research Lecture, this title features the author’s lecture, transcript of a colloquium, and a Goodall bibliography.

Clash of Identities By Dipak K. Gupta

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hardback, 70 pp.
US $20.00

Clash of Identities presents Dipak K. Gupta‘s research on issues surrounding prediction in the social sciences, specifically, forecasting outbreaks of political violence. Honored as San Diego State University’s eleventh Distinguished Graduate Research Lecturer, Gupta explores ethnic nationalism, globalization, and the dimensions of reason and intuition in the complex processes of political prediction in a variety of contexts. This book features Gupta’s public lecture “Clash of Identities,” his colloquium “Can We Predict Humanitarian Crises?”, the article “An Early Warning about Political Forecasts: Oracle to Academics,” and a comprehensive listing of the author’s previous publications. Dipak K. Gupta is Professor in San Diego State University’s School of Public Administration and Urban Studies, and Co-Director of the University’s Institute for International Security and Conflict Resolution.

Perceiving and Telling: A Study of Iterative Discourse By Danièle Chatelain

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ISBN 1-879691-52-3
paper, 202 pp.
US $17.50

Perceiving and Telling: A Study of Iterative Discourse is a comparatist study exploring verbal conventions that create the illusion of time, as well as of theories about how these conventions have operated in the works of various authors. In her introduction, Danièle Chatelain says, “Central to current theories of narratology is a persistent sense of the separation of space and time. In Gerald Prince‘s A Dictionary of Narratology (1987), the categories of narratology appear to have reached canonical status, and the separation between time and space seems encoded in them. Typically, Prince defines “description,” as “the representation of objects, beings, situations, or (nonpurposeful, nonvolitional) happenings in their spatial rather than temporal existence, their topological rather than chronological functioning, their simultaneity rather than succession” (19). “Narration,” on the other hand, is “a discourse representing one or more events,” that is, temporal phenomena (57). What we have, then, are sets of binary oppositions, which inform everything from structural distinctions, such as narration versus description, down to the fundamental binary histoire (story) and récit (narrative). In terms of story versus narrative, the separation of space and time is in a sense built into the very terms in which that distinction is traditionally formulated. In Prince’s Dictionary, “story” is the content of the narrative; it is a succession of events “with an emphasis on chronology” (91). On the other hand, “narrative”is the recounting of this chronology; it is a “structuration,” that is, a mental spatialization of this presumed flow of events. Underlying modern theory of narrative, in fact, is both a separation of time and space (story = chronology; narrative = structuration), and a sense of rivalry between these two dimensions. The result, it seems, is a valorization of the latter over the former.” In her study, Chatelain seeks to show how these dimensions exist on a “spacetime continuum.” The book is provided with a glossary of terms. Danièle Chatelain is Professor of French at the University of Redlands, California.

New SDSU Press Gateway Splash Designed by Dan Witz

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Our main website gateway and main page now feature photography and art by Dan Witz; you can see more this East Coast artist’s work here. Witz’s work replaces the old gateway page by Crystal Alatorre:

Before Crystal Alatorre’s gateway, SDSUPRESS featured the work of Becky Tillett–her work also graced the cover of pacificREVIEW, edited by Leon Lanzbom, poet and surfer-scribe extra-ordinaire.

22,000th and With a Bullet! Amazon.com and The Hurt Business

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Oliver Mayer’s The Hurt Business has jumped to 22,000th on Amazonnot a bad first day for a day-old book!  Congratulations, Oliver!

Oliver Mayer’s The Hurt Business Collection is Now Available via Amazon.com

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update here.