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martins1frontHumor & Eroticism in Advertising, by Maria Cristina da Silva Martins, explores the role that seduction plays in advertising.  Through close analysis of Brazilian magazine ads published in the 1980’s, Martins uncovers the aesthetic, political, and cultural exchanges that occur in modern advertisements.

The producers of cleaninghunk.com appreciate Martins’ research findings.  Check out this clip:


SDSU Press Brings Ana Castillo to San Diego State University With a Host of Other Cool Co-Sponsors!

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Ana Castillo Comes to SDSU--SDSU Press helps make it happen

Ana Castillo Comes to SDSU--SDSU Press helps make it happen

What could be more romantic?

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Click on the picture above to read a feature in the L.A. Times about Oliver Mayer’s romantically inspired play, ‘Dias y Flores.’

Oliver Mayer, The focus of “The Hurt Business,” in the News

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Click the image above to get the whole smashing review of Oliver Mayer’s new play, Dias y flores. You can get a copy of The Hurt Business, a work wholly focused on the writing of Oliver Mayer, right here! Or hit the Amazon logo, opposite!

The Afterlife of Plays

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by Jonathan Miller
ISBN: 1-879691-12-4
Cloth / Pages: 64 / $12.50 1992

The author’s Distinguished Graduate Research Lecture addresses the implications of repeated live performances for establishing a play’s definitive text. Physician, author, stage producer, and director, Miller has produced twelve plays in the acclaimed BBC Shakespeare Series, directed six of them, and has directed at least a dozen opera productions for the English National and Frankfurt Opera Companies.

Adapting Activities for Therapeutic Recreation Service: Concepts and Applications

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by Jesse Thomas Dixon
ISBN: 0-916304-48-5

Paper / Pages: 100 / $14.50 1981

This book responds to a growing demand for practical devices which will enable disabled persons to participate in a full range of individual recreational services.

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An Alle Künstler! War, Revolution, Weimar: German Expressionist Prints, Drawings, Posters, and Periodicals from The Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation

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By Ida Katherine Rigby; foreword Earl A. Powell, III
ISBN: 0-916304-62-0
Paper / Pages: 118 / $18.75
second edition, corrected, 1987; first edition 1983

In a scholarly and sympathetic study enhanced by over 100 illustrations, art historian Ida Rigby analyzes attempts by German Expressionist artists to integrate art into the movement for social reform in the wake of Germany’s bitter defeat in World War I and during the ensuing revolution.